Woody Johnson isn’t expected to participate in Jets’ head-coaching interviews


Jets owner Woody Johnson’s tenure as the U.S. ambassador to the United Kingdom will end on January 20. It’s still not clear when he’ll actively resume his duties as the man ultimately in charge of an NFL franchise.

Earlier today, Adam Schefter of ESPN.com reported that Woody Johnson is “not expected” to participate in the upcoming interviews of head-coaching candidates. The search will be led by CEO Christopher Johnson, who reportedly will make the hire.

Per the report, Woody will be aware of the developments but not a part of the interviews.

In a Monday press conference, Christopher Johnson said that he’ll continue to have a significant role in the organization moving forward.

As explained last night, Woody’s role remains unknown. At 73, he could be looking to become less involved in the football industry — especially since he’s been unplugged from it for several years. Christopher, 62, could end up continuing to handle the bulk of the things that an owner would handle.

How it all plays out remains to be seen. If, however, Woody Johnson was planning to be heavily involved in the management of the team, common sense suggests that he would be heavily involved in selecting the next coach — especially since Christopher Johnson also said that the team is looking for a CEO-style coach. It’s a major hire, a significant financial commitment.

If Woody Johnson won’t be making time to be involved in the interviews of the candidates and doesn’t plan to have a major role in picking the next head coach, maybe Woody Johnson moving forward won’t be much more than a fan who happens to hold the pink slip to the franchise.